How To Grow More Followers On Instagram Organically 2024

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, with over 2 billion active users. With this huge number, it’s humiliating having hundreds of followers or a few thousands.

But there are people with millions of followers, and you could be wondering how they reached here. Well, the journey is not simple, but it’s achievable.

Many people are making money online through Instagram. Having several followers can be your source of income, so growing your Instagram following is essential.

And did you know that 82% of shoppers shop through social media platforms? Instagram is one of the most used shopping platforms, so you have a reason to increase your Instagram following as a business person.

Keep reading to grasp some tips to grow Instagram following organically in 2023.

How To Grow More Followers On Instagram Organically 2023
How To Grow More Followers On Instagram Organically 2023

Use Instagram Reels

Currently, there is an Instagram feature that allows you to share funny videos with the Instagram users. If you are not using this feature, you have failed your dream of increasing your Instagram following.

This feature will allow you to record or film a video of up to 60 seconds and share it. It can be a clip showcasing your brand or personality or a fun clip.

It also enables you to add effects to the video before sharing, like audio or creating a remix. You also have access to the music library and other editing tools.

The good thing about using reels is that you are not only posting for your followers to see; everyone on Instagram can see it and not only your followers.

So sharing attractive or educative clips can be a good way of attracting more audiences, leading to more followers.

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Create Highly Sharable Content

Don’t only concentrate on posting content to your timeline to reach your followers. Instead, focus on reaching all the social media users, and that is by creating content that can be shared across all social media users.

Memes, instructive carousel articles, and quotations are sharable content you can create. Memes are very popular, and creating just one good meme can earn you thousands of daily followers.

When creating memes, you need to be up-to-date. Look for something trending and create a captivating meme. They should include humorous images and texts to attract readers.

Once you increase the following, you must keep your audiences engaged with attractive content. They can opt-out if you are no longer posting.

If you posted a humorous meme that brought so many followers, you should know that is the kind of content they expect from you. So keep posting.

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Target Famous People On the Instagram

Having a huge following sometimes doesn’t count, but the people who follow you. You might have a huge following, but those people could be dormant, so they don’t even read your content.

Try to attract high-value accounts within your niche. If they follow you back, you may also manage to have their followers follow you.

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags can significantly increase your Instagram following. However, it’s not about using any hashtags; you should know the right hashtags within your niche that will appear on the readers’ news feeds.

Hashtags help you feature on the right hashtag page so that anyone who clicks on the hashtag page can see your post. Through the help of hashtags, people looking for information within your field can also follow you since Instagram allows hashtags to feature in the newsfeed of people who are not your followers.

Before using hashtags, you need to learn how to use them productively. Without the proper knowledge, you may continue using them without seeing results.

Know the famous people within your niche and what hashtags they use. However, that doesn’t mean you copy them. You need to be creative and unique.

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Create a Good and Complete Bio

People need to know you more, so provide the correct information that will make the search easy. Your Instagram bio is a big contributing factor to the number of followers you will get, so don’t ignore it.

Use a relevant and simple Instagram profile name and handle. Using an appropriate keyword on your bio can make people who are searching for you find you with ease.

Explain to the visitors who you are and what you do. This will be a simple way of attracting new Instagram users looking for that niche. You should also include your location in your bio.

Location is one of the ways people search for services or products within their locality.

Hold a Competition or Giveaway On Instagram.

People like giveaways, which is one way to capture their attention and make them follow you. The terms and conditions to participate in the competition or giveaway must be clearly listed and should be easy.

For one to participate, they should tag a friend in the comments, follow you and post to Instagram stories. Collaborate with other successful businesses within your niche for the event to be successful.

This event can bring you so many new followers if done right.

Engage Your Audience

People have spared their time to read and comment on your post, so take time to respond to their comments. It will show them how valuable they are to you.

It’s also one way to showcase your good customer service. You should engage your audience in real-time, don’t wait several days for you to respond.

Engage your audience maturely and professionally to get more information from them. Don’t respond harshly even if the comment provokes you to do so.

Instead, find something positive to say about the comment. Both positive and negative comments from the audience are healthy for your growth.

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Post Regularly.

You must be consistent in your Instagram. Suppose you can post every day the better for you. However, don’t bore your audience with too many posts.

It can be annoying seeing a newsfeed about you after every hour. Instead, give your audience time to read and meditate on your posts; hence, you can stick to like two posts daily.

You have gone out of your way to source so many new followers: so ensuring they don’t leave is critical. You have to keep on posting what interests them to follow you.

If you are taking too long to post, you may lose them, so keep them engaged. You need to post quality and engaging content to attract your audience and see the worth of following you. Always do good research on the topic you want to post.

In conclusion, it’s possible to get more Instagram followers naturally, even if you are not a celebrity. So long as you are committed to that call, you can achieve it.

Following the already discussed tips will mightily help you grow your following. You must never relax after you hit your following target.

You have to keep on posting exciting and quality content to keep the followers

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