How To Get More Views On Instagram Reels? 10+ Working Methods 2023

Instagram reels have become a pillar in marketing, but they’re more practical in improving your account’s visibility. Especially so, they aid your effort in organically racking up a massive following and ballooning your fanbase.

They also expand your engagement and potential to reach the wider social populace. However, it helps to understand how to get more views on Instagram if you leverage this feature.

This article explains how you can get more views on your Instagram reels if you’ve been struggling with that lately.

How To Get More Views On Instagram Reels?
How To Get More Views On Instagram Reels?

Create More Valuable Content For Your Audience

Your audience needs valuable content they can resonate with. However, you need to assess your audience’s expectations and interests to help your tailor your reel creations to what appeals the most.

Of course, you have your niche and have a little following already; that’s a start. Try using the following to understand your audience’s needs and curate something that counts.

What you create should educate or entertain and provide value. Keep in mind that content is always king and is the core for creating a more practical reel.

A single valuable reel can warrant a share, and the word can spread like wildfire. You’ll indeed stand a chance to gain more views in a short while.

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Create Much Shorter Reels

Not everyone is down with the lengthy reel rigmarole. That’s pretty understandable since the average human concentration spans eight seconds.

So, here’s a hint: try creating reels in under ten seconds. It’s okay if your reel doesn’t cover everything but try your best to make the content convey meaning.

Captivating short reels can even create leeway for people accessing your lengthy reels. So, instead of ditching long reels, you can create an upload them just in case.

These reels should provide wholesome content and have an engaging hook at the beginning to entice people.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are direct links to your Instagram content and particularly your reels. That’s an easy way to gain more views and improve your following.

However, don’t pick any hashtag that’s not relevant to what your content is all about. A branded hashtag can be more practical, enabling you to tag more sought-after accounts, including companies and businesses.

However, please don’t overdo it. Adding numerous hashtags can be detrimental, compromising credibility, and the Instagram algorithms may take your reels for spam.

That may affect how the reel reaches people’s feeds, making your videos less visible.

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Use A Website To Drive Traffic To Your Reels

You can create a website to embed your Instagram video feeds. You could optimize your website to rank better on the SERPs, enabling higher visibility. That can come in handy, driving traffic to your reels and allowing you to garner the most views.

Having a website when running a business is a no-brainer. Even so, you can create a personal blog and embed links to your reels.

The best part of having a website is that it increases your audience’s reach. Besides, people finding you through your website can trust your content since it makes you come out as credible.

These reels can either be within the written content you create or on a separate page, just anything that makes you look neatly organized.

Post Your Reels When People are Most Active

Instagram users usually flood the site during particular periods, especially at night. That’s when people are out of work, school, and other day’s activities and in their beds.

Moreover, Fridays are treasure troves for getting the most reel views since most people want to catch some hair.

That’s not to say that you won’t rack up reel views when you post them during the less active hours. You can, however, optimize them with smaller and more popular hashtags, improving their visibility and enabling you to garner views.

Some apps can even notify you when people are most active on this platform, so it’s easy to figure that out.

Use the Sought-After Audio Tracks

Popular audios have millions of views that can help you tap into them. This secret is what most reels use, which is little known.

Instagram algorithms can quickly locate your reels if you use such audio as they understand how helpful they can be to the audiences. However, please pick sounds that resonate with what you create for relevance.

But a question you may ask is, how possible is it to get the name and tags for the reel audios your competitors use? It’s pretty simple.

Instagram reels usually indicate the names and titles people use to create content. So, you might want to head over to the reel’s bottom right corner and design on the displayed thumbnail.

That takes you to an isolated page that allows you to save or use it.

Create a Captivating Reel Thumbnail

Thumbnails provide ideas of what your reels are about. As such, it helps to create one that ignites interest and urges people to click on them.

That’s the best strategy for getting the most clicks and views and can quickly make your reels successful.

Just do whatever it takes to make your thumbnail captivating. Are you in the food industry? Use the frame with the juiciest stakes to grab attention.

A model? Well, you know what to do. (Wink!).

Learn What They Do on Tiktok

Have you wondered why TikTok reels have the most views that can reach hundreds of millions? It’s the strategy they use. Instagram and other platforms borrow a leaf from this increasingly sought-after.

You might consider checking out a few popular videos on the platform for insight. You won’t have to do much but observe what’s going on.

Check the video quality for reels having the most views and steal an idea or two from the most trending content. Pretty sure that’ll come in handy.

Post Your Reels on Other Social Platforms

The online social space is vast, and you can amass views from other platforms, including Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook. These views won’t certainly reflect on your Instagram reels’ view count.

However, a single enticing video can do wonders, urging other platform users to follow your Instagram account.

Here’s a trick, though. You shouldn’t post all your Instagram reel content on other platforms. Instead, please give them a sneak peek of what they should expect when they follow your Instagram account.

However, don’t forget to add a direct link to your account, and be sure to urge the followers on other platforms to follow.

Invent Enticing Captions

Captions are the best clickbait and can entice viewers into clicking on your reels. However, if you want them to count, they should always be relevant to your content.

Captions give a crude idea of what your reels are about and encourage viewers to click. Remember, no one wants to waste time checking a reel that won’t entice or entertain them.

If the captions resonate with their interests or are downright entertaining, they won’t resist clicking.

Encourage the Use of User-Generated Content in Your Reels

User-generated content comes from your followers and allows them to unleash their creativity. It offers them a chance to showcase how much they can impress you with their 15 minutes of fame.

You could start a challenge from an existing viral trend and modify it a bit. Adding this creative spark can go a long way, and the more Instagram users participate, the better your chances of getting more views.

You can also encourage your fans to get creative with their content and compete for likes and views. Of course, you’ll want to reward the winner with an incentive.


Instagram reels have the best marketing potential; you can make the most out of them by increasing your views. But it would help if you had a strategy to make your effort count; thankfully, you can use various proven tips from this article. Hopefully, they’ll help.

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