How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically? Top 10+ Working Methods 2023

Everyone wants a massive social media following and a loyal fanbase, particularly on Instagram. But as challenging as growing your Instagram following seems, it’s pretty much something you can achieve without having a “celebrity status.”

An incredible and practical way of increasing your Instagram followers is doing it organically. That means maximizing your visibility on search engines, widening your content sharing, and leveraging the feed’s potential.

We’ve listed the best tips for growing your Instagram followers organically to improve your following.

How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically?
How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically?

What Does Organically Growing Your Instagram Followers Mean?

Organically Growing your Instagram followers means doing it without paying for ads or using paid promotions. You typically do it from scratch and manually by optimizing content for search engines and sharing it far and wide.

The basis for gaining followers with an organic following is by user intent rather than selling content and shoving it to your followers.

The organic Instagram following has its advantages, which mainly include having followers who take a profound interest in your content.

Such people usually stick around for as long as you create content they find relevant, helpful, and entertaining. But how can you grow your Instagram following organically? Please read on to find out more.

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Tips for Growing Your Instagram Followers Organically

Remember that organically ballooning your followers and achieving your desired numbers isn’t always a breeze. It takes time, dedication, hard work, and the belief that you possibly do it.

Besides, it would help if you had a more feasible strategy to make your effort count. Here’s how to grow your Instagram followers organically.

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Create More Engaging Content

Content is king, and you should always honor that if you want to increase your Instagram followers. Your Instagram followers don’t want bland content that hardly interests them or rather any that coerces them into smashing the unfollow button.

They want entertainment, education, and constant excitement to keep them around.

You should therefore start by understanding your audience and assess the content you create before posting it on your feed.

The content should evoke interest and build anticipation rather than only being relevant for the moment. A little suspense should keep your follower glued to the promise of getting more insight into your following post.

It’s pretty easy keeping your followers and gaining more if they find the first post they engage with resonates with their interests.

Optimize Your Instagram Account with Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are the mainstays, not only on Twitter but on Instagram. They improve your posts’ visibility, and followers can easily find you.

Hashtags act as a direct leeway from wherever your followers see the link. They direct them to your account and feed and can stay whenever they find your content interesting.

However, don’t only pick a random hashtag that doesn’t resonate with the Instagram content you create. Instead, try finding the most sought-after and trending hashtags if you want your effort to count.

Try researching to get the best combination of the popular and tinier niche hashtags.

Remember that you can get the best rank on smaller niches since most people get carried away by the most popular ones. Creating a mix, therefore, should help you grow your following better.

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Engage People Through Comments on Competitors’ Followers’ Posts

Don’t shy away from commenting and posting comments on your competitors’ followers’ posts. Finding these followers is easy; you can always pounce on what they post, leaving comments and actively engaging them.

However, ensure that they share a similar interest as you and that what they post is relevant and resonates with them.

Going all this way makes you come through as interested in what your competitors’ followers posts. If they are interested and resonate with what your competitors post, they will indeed connect with you and follow your Instagram account.

However, please make it a deliberate process rather than coercing them into following you. As a principle, please ensure they don’t realise your intentions and motives to make your effort count.

Be Consistent with Posting Your Content

Consistently posting content makes you appear more focused and dedicated. But besides doing that, you need to schedule and publish the content at the best times.

The ideal posting time varies with your industry. For example, if you’re in the travel industry, you need to schedule your posts for Fridays when people look to spend the weekend elsewhere.

Consistency is vital when looking to hook people who haven’t followed you yet but admire your posts from a distance. Therefore, you should try to create massive content and schedule it for posting at more strategic intervals and moments.

Join an Engagement Group

Numerous engagement groups exist and can help you amass a following pretty quickly. These groups are typically available on WhatsApp and Instagram; people can like and comment on every post they want.

The Telegram Explore page, for instance, features posts that people comment on and like immediately after you post them. Such positions are usually engaging, which you should consider when creating one.

Just follow these groups’ rules and get a precise picture of how they go about their activities. Also, try joining the groups having the most members with diverse interests.

You never know how effective your posts can be in converting members who don’t share a similar interest.

List Related Accounts Within Your Niche and Learn Their Strategy

One straightforward way of organically getting followers is learning how to do it. Your competitors are way ahead of you for all good reasons, and you could borrow a leaf on how they do it.

Try to understand the post that gives them the most likes, the tasty topics their audiences love and actively engage in, and how often they post.

This insight can help you understand how best to approach the entire thing.

Avoid Following Fake Instagram Accounts

Nothing good comes from counterfeits and fakes, and pseudo Instagram accounts don’t help, either.

But how do you avoid buying such accounts if the temptation to grow your followers is too intense to resist? Perhaps, you need to understand why it’s a bad idea in the first place.

The most significant disadvantage of buying fake accounts is that it confuses your organic followers. Fake accounts aren’t usually active, meaning your feed can be bland.

And have you thought about your organic followers requesting your fake Instagram followers for a following and failing to respond? It’s offsetting and a clear red sign that you aren’t surreal and would grasp at straws for anything.

These fake accounts don’t add monetary value if you’re running a business. You also won’t get an organic following from the followers you follow, making your account stall.

Use Instagram Live

Reels and videos are fine, but doing real-time recordings can come in handy. You can do what you love doing and what your followers want to see live, and you’ll surely entice them.

The good thing about live-streaming your videos is that you can lodge them on your Instagram stories, keeping them etched for up to 24 hours for your followers to get entertained more.

Live-streaming more frequently keeps your account active, and your followers glued to what you have to offer. Besides, it improves your account activity, which new followers love.

You could let your followers know you’re doing a live session beforehand to rack up the most views and entice potential followers.

A Giveaway Would be Nice

You won’t lose much from giving, and much better, it’ll work to your advantage. That’s handy if you’re running a business account or simply want to endear yourself to your followers.

But, how can you even do that if the Instagram caliber won’t let you give away anything cheap? Well, no one cares much if they’re getting something for free.

Not everyone should get your gifts but only a few. You can make it a competition and award the first few lucky entrants.

You won’t spend a lot that way. Also, try encouraging your followers to share the content to their friends. That should help improve your organic following pretty significantly.


Organic followers are the most authentic, and stick around for loving what you do. And the best part is, getting them isn’t as challenging as it seems.

You only need to master the strategy for getting them to follow you, and you’re pretty sure your Instagram account will grow to the levels you want it to.

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